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River of mud

Into a river of mud,
This feeling of isolation and depression.
From where I am standing I can see a river-bank
And a pathway leading up over the hillside
To where the wild flowers grow,
Bathed in the warmth of the sunshine
And gently soothed by soft refreshing rain.

Oh, how I long to be there,
For someone to reach out,
Take my hand
Then pull me out from this torment,
This depression.
To lift me safely onto the river bank,
To be able to feel the long grass
Stroking my tired body,
Like a brave, but now wounded soldier,
Cradled in his mother's arms:
And to feel the naturally scented breeze of nature
Restoring my soul to life
That I feel is now lost.

Then standing up
With firm ground beneath my feet,
I'll be able to follow the pathway of life,
Moving slowly,
Step by step,
In peace of mind, body and soul.
There is nothing greater than the gift of life.
To appreciate life
And to find happiness and contentment,
Is a gift from god,
Like a captured bird
Released from its cage,
Set free.

Words by Kevan Koya

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River of mud sketch

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Last Updated 11/02/2020