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Bodiam Castle - Kevan Koya
'Bodiam Castle at dusk' painting in watercolours by Kevan Koya

Bodiam castle at dusk

There you are,
surrounded by fields and densely covered trees.
As an island you still stand
in all your splendour and majesty.

How many people,
down through the ages,
have gazed in wonder
at the beauty of your towering stone walls,
and unfailingly resolute
against the passing of time?

What secrets do you hold,
within your now scarred and ruined walls?
If only you could speak
to tell me what you have seen
of raging battles and gallant knights -
a loyalty so strong
to protect your King and Queen.

Oh, but Bodiam!
You can now rest and gently slumber,
for there are no more battles to be fought.
As your reflection of strength
stretches out far across the moat,
it mingles amongst the flowering water lilies
to then finally fall
into a peaceful tranquility
in the evening light.
So sleep now Bodiam,

Words by Kevan Koya, December 2006

Copyright Kevan Koya

Last Updated 11/02/2020