'We'd anticipated fireworks on Guy Fawkes Night and Paul Roberts and his band did not disappoint. I was blown away by the sheer number and variety of anthems that captured a feeling of the time and still sound fresh now. The quality of the band performance entranced from beginning to end. They finished with Heroes and as we departed it felt as though the entire audience had morphed into Bowie super-fans, us included'

Vivienne M Clark, Henley Standard

'If you had never seen Bowie live then this is the closest you'll ever get. I was lucky enough to be at the gig at Maesteg town hall on 16/02 and with no exaggeration it was absolutely fantastic.'

Fran Anderson

'Marvellous gig and amazing band, you did the great man proud.'

Tony Paton

'Totally awesome show'

Julie Bailey

'Paul you blew me away last night. I don't know anyone else that could sound and capture the charisma of David Bowie.'

Isabella Maria Rossi

'Paulo that was up there with the best mate. Andy's guitar work was amazing and the rest of the band were top drawer.'

Paul Sumpter

'Brilliant night, superb gig - the whole band are brilliant. Even if you're not a big fan of Bowie, you'll be surprised at how many of his songs you know, I've been unable to stop singing his tunes since last Friday! Overheard a chap in the toilets saying he thought Paul looked and sounded just like the real thing! Go see for yourself.'

Andy Harris

'Paul's stage presence and voice is amazing and did Bowie's work proud.'

Johnnie Holdaway

'A fantastic evening. Brilliant show. Love it. Paul's voice is superb and the whole band rocks'

Ruth Smith

'Loved the gig. Quality musicians with amazing frontman well done'

Harriet Attias

'I closed my eyes during "life on Mars" and I thought it was the man himself. Your musicians were professional and tight. Every Bowie fan needs to see this show.'

Isabella Maria Rossi

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