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Magic of Iona
'Magic of Iona'

Magic of Iona

Your coastline is the crown,
Encrusted with many splendid jewels
Of varying shapes and colours,
Symbolizing your islands ancient history
And the magical beauty of Iona

Words by Kevan Koya, September 2007

Opposite is a photo of me, taken literally standing in the eye of a storm. Not long after this photo was taken all hell broke loose.

A storm so fearce, it surged and swept across the unsuspecting landscape causing so much damage, uprooting trees and nearly uprooting me.

I sensed there was a deep underlying urgency that something was wrong and all was revealed. Many things were lost.

As much as it was a very distressing experience, it didn't diminish the tremendous fondness and facination I have for Scotland's incredible beauty. I suppose part of that fondness has got something to do with the kilt. They are great fun to wear at weddings (very smart).

I am planning to do a series of paintings in watercolour of some of Scotland's loch castles in the Argyle castle Eilean Donan and Castle Stalker.

Sometimes when I write a piece of music a melody line can speak louder than words.

With this particular piece as an instrumental the music says it all in capturing the feel and beauty of Iona.

When I recorded this piece of music bars 17-20 were repeated in the first verse and bars 46-49 in the second verse, giving more of a pause before going into the chorus sections.

Strings are represented in the top two staves and acoustic guitar added in the chorus sections.

Kevan in Iona

Photograph of me taken by Alan Pannett in my
favourite place in all the world, Scotland

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Magic of Iona score       Magic of Iona score       Magic of Iona score       Magic of Iona score

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