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Kevan Koya
Kevan Koya

Black Wish Hounds

Mouse LaneChanctonbury Ring

The left photograph is of Mouse Lane in Steyning. The second photograph was taken on my way to the recording studio. Both Mouse Lane and The South Downs inspired me to write The Black Wish Hounds.

Jesus Christ in the snow
Image of Jesus Christ in the snow © copyright original photographer

My Dad, Rev Edwin Wilkinson was the vicar of a number of parishes in Sussex, from 1966 to about 1990 (Rye Harbour, Camber Sands and Westfield to name but a few). Many years ago, he was given an astonishing photo when he was in the parish of Westfield which shows an image, which is believed to be of Jesus Christ. The person that handed my Dad this photograph knew the photographer (whose name unfortunately is not known). This photograph was taken during Easter time, when there happened to be a heavy snowfall, which for that time of year is somewhat unusual. The photographer just wanted to capture the beauty of their snow blanketed garden and flower beds. There were no other persons present in the garden at the time the photo was taken, just the photographer. Prints were taken and the image of Christ was very visible in one of the photos, showing what looks like Jesus Christ with his right hand held up in a blessing, and for whatever reason I think this image was meant for the photographer or someone he or she knew. What is incredible about this black and white image is how clear it is, with the image being formed from the black and white shapes of garden and snow, making such a defined and unmistakeable image. It really is an astonishing photo which I hope will be seen and enjoyed by others.